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2021 – February

Feb 28, 2021

Groundwater Salinization in California’s Tulare Lake Basin, the ABCSAL model

Excessive groundwater pumping have severe consequences at long-term but, do you know that it can cause progressive salinization?
Don’t miss this interesting analysis in California’s Tulare Lake Basin

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Feb 17, 2021

Transformations to Groundwater Sustainability (T2GS) project

Have you hear about the T2GS project? if you are interested in international collaboration, groundwater governance, and groundwater sustainability, you may take a look to the link below

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Feb 11, 2021

Explorations on gender in the world of water

Gender issues in the world of water! meet this amazing women scientists and how they are transforming the water sustainability and water diplomacy. Take a look

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Feb 8, 2021

Parsing Routes to Aquifer Recharge Along Mountain Fronts

In many semiarid and arid regions around the world, groundwater drawn from basin-fill aquifers sustains local agriculture and large cities. Such aquifers are typically replenished by high-elevation precipitation and snowmelt along encircling mountain fronts via several pathways…

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Feb 5, 2021

B.C.’s ‘dirty secret’: more than 100 contaminated mine sites threaten water, wildlife and communities

Decades after closing, an open-pit copper mine in northwest B.C. is still discharging wastewater with metal concentrations 250 times higher than what’s considered safe for salmon into Babine Lake, the sockeye salmon engine of the Skeena River watershed, according to a new report by SkeenaWild Conservation Trust and Lake Babine Nation. And the situation at the Granisle mine — one of two decommissioned mines on the lake — is indicative of what’s happening across the province

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