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These are links to news articles related to USA/Mexico water

2021 – April

Modeling Water Supply And Demand In The Transboundary Rio Grande To Support Long Term Management Strategies

Changes in population, agricultural practices, and climate are increasing demands on available water resources, particularly groundwater, in the southwest.

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How a trickle of water is breathing life into the parched Colorado River Delta

The Colorado River once flowed with so much water that steamboats sailed on its wide, meandering stretches near the U.S.-Mexico border. When the environmentalist Aldo Leopold paddled the river’s delta in Mexico nearly a century ago, he was filled with awe at the sight of “a hundred green lagoons.”

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Drought hobbles farmers in California, Texas, Florida

As farmers deal with supply chain disruptions due to the corona virus pandemic, drought conditions have gripped California, Florida, part of the Southwest and south Texas.

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Millions in US at risk of ‘water shutoffs’ amid layoffs triggered by pandemic

Millions of Americans risk losing running water if they fall behind with bill payments in coming months, as mass layoffs triggered by the coronavirus pandemic force families to make impossible tradeoffs on paying household expenses.

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The secret savior of US and Canada’s shared waters isn’t one person

Forty percent of the border between the United States and Canada is water — the fate of which lies in the hands of about 50 people.

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