Videos and Podcast (2021)

These are links to videos and podcast related to USA/Mexico water for 2021


Water Wars! Water Wars! Water Wars! The catastrophic anthropogenic changes to Earth’s systems

Groundwater Talks webinars

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Groundwater Governance: Arrival At The Current Paradigm

Transboundary Water Governance in the Arab World

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WaterTalks Episode 17: The Human Right to Drinking Water & SGMA

Don’t miss this Episode of #WaterTalks about the human right to drinking water & SGMA. Lets talk about what does sustainable mean?

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Water Talk: Wild Horses and Water in California

Don’t miss this interesting talk about Wild Horses and Water in California!, learn about the importance of springs for animals and watershed protection.

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WaterTalk: North Coast Wine and Water

Follow this WaterTalk about wine and water on California’s North Coast! Bring your glass with your favorite drink and enjoy this conversation by @podcast_water

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WaterTalk: Watering Urban Green Spaces

Don’t miss this WaterTalk by @podcast_water with tips to save water use in landscaping and the importance of urban green spaces

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Episode 19: Decolonizing Water Part 1

Don’t miss this WaterTalk about the cultural value of water for indigenous communities. Let’s talk about the sense of responsibility for protecting and maintaining rivers, the environment & communities!

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WaterTalk: Water Diplomacy and Dialogue

Can you imagine water diplomacy without dialogue? follow this interesting podcast about the importance of listening to people and the art of dialogue in the water sector

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Understanding and Improving Transboundary Water(shed) Governance

On June 9th, 2021 we welcomed Benjamin Perrier, who holds a position cross-appointed between the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, the WIGGLab, and the Borders in Globalization Project, for a Global Talk presentation on his current research focusing on transboundary water governance in the Columbia River Basin.

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