Binational Waters: An Unbreakable Bond

Esta calavera forma parte de la primera convocatoria de Calaveritas titulada “Agua Compartida en la Frontera México-Estados Unidos”, organizada por el PFBW.

By: Isaura Guzman, from the North American Development Bank October

On the border where the sun does kiss,
And climate change makes its twist,
The Skeleton, seeing rivers amiss,
Calls the Permanent Forum of Binational Waters,
from the midst.

“From the Rio Grande, a binational flow,
Where waters share tales and glow,
There stand heroes, making all things grow:
the Permanent Forum of Binational Waters and
Nadbank, ensuring waters never go low.”

Expert in sustainable finance and deed,
Nadbank tends to the water’s need,
Guarding each source, each water seed,
For the border’s prosperity, they lead.

Men and women, from sister nations’ stance,
See in the bank a hopeful chance,
For binational waters, our life’s dance,
Nadbank ensures their continued expanse.

The Skeleton smiles, admiring the dedication,
Nadbank, guardian of hydration,
On the border, where water’s the foundation,
Their mission ensures its preservation.

Binational Waters, our region’s gem,
Nadbank, with foresight, they stem,
Ensuring flows without condemn,
Sustaining life, the ultimate emblem.




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