Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I would like to be part of the forum, what do I do?

It's really easy to get involved! Just fill out the registration form here!

Question: I would like to get involved with a Working Group, what do I do?

To get involved with the Working groups, please sign up for the Working Group(s) here! You will also need a Slack account. To join Slack, click here, then follow the instructions to create an account.

Question: Ok, I have a Slack account, what now?

Now is where the fun begins! You can add yourself to the working groups manually by following these instructions.

1. Click the plus (+) sign on the left side of the screen inside Slack.

2. Click the 'Browse Channels' button.

3. Browse the 23 channels and click on the channel(s) you'd like to join.

4. Click the 'Join Channel' button at the bottom of the screen to join that Working Group!

Question: ​I have material related to Transboundary Waters, How do I showcase it on the Forum?

To showcase Transboundary related work is one of the goals of the Forum. Please make sure you understand the Posting Guidelines first then post your material here!