Open Mic (2022)

March 1 – 1, 2022

Colorado River Problematic: What is happening in the basin? Drought and water shortage (1 of 6)

This video explains the current conditions and challenges that are occurring in the Colorado River in the Mexican Read more

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Open Mic (2021)

August 13 – 13, 2021

Open Mic: Mujeres en la Ciencia

March 23 – 24, 2021

Open Mic: Rosario Sanchez

Rosario Sánchez Introduction (1/6)

In this session, Dr. Rosario Sanchez and Dr. Samuel Sandoval talk about the current challenges Read more

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Open Mic (2020)

October 27 – 27, 2020

Talk+Water: Dr. Rosario Sanchez

Texas+Water Editor-in-Chief Dr. Todd Votteler talks with Dr. Rosario Sanchez, a senior research scientist for the Texas Water Resources Institute at Texas A&M University. Dr. Sanchez works on the Transboundary Aquifer Read more

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