Rio Research Roundup Course (Free)

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Join the “Rio Research Roundup” and discover the fascinating world of rivers!

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Autor: Rio Grande International Study Center

In this hands-on course offered by the Rio Grande International Study Center, you’ll explore the environmental impact on the Rio Grande-Rio Bravo basin through online resources and scientific water quality research.

The “Rio Research Roundup” is an award-winning binational project involving approximately 1,000 students each year from communities across the Rio Grande basin, also known as the Rio Bravo, from Colorado in the U.S  to Tamaulipas, Mexico.

In the course, you’ll have the unique opportunity to join teacher-led and student-led teams, take samples from the river and its tributaries, and share videos, artworks, and human stories based on your field data and observations.

By enrolling, you’ll participate in hands-on data collection, real-world research, and community outreach in a truly unique way. Additionally, you’ll connect with students from both sides of the border and explore the rich and diverse ecosystem of the Rio Grande-Rio Bravo, a living laboratory stretching along 1,901 miles.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the science of rivers and contribute to the understanding and protection of this vital resource! Enroll and discover the exciting world flowing through our communities.


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