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Guidelines on how to communicate science to different audiences


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Comunication Tools

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Scientific Data


Modeling and Tools

Peer-reviewed publications:
publications in scientific journals,
books (and book chapters) and
official reports by governmental

Non peer-reviewed publications: Grey
literature, such as reports, white papers, fact
sheets, proceedings, abstracts, posters, videos,
podcasts, etc.

Process to submit and get materials/content posted

1. On Resources/Post Materials section of the website, the following information will berequired to submit before your material is considered to be posted: Name of the Authors,Year, Title of the publication, venue where it was published (Journal, unpublished material, reportsetc); short description, upload the file, and if the material is peer-reviewed or not.

2. If the material has been peer-reviewed, then it is assumed that it has been scientificallyapproved. The Director or Associate Director will skim the document, read the abstract,conclusions and discussion and the material will be posted.If the material has not been peer-reviewed, then the Executive Committee will revise thecontent. If there is no potential conflict with our Values and Philosophy, the materials will besent to the entire forum community asking for comments a week before their publication onthe website.

3. If the Executive Committee identifies any potential conflict with our Values and Philosophy,the materials will have to be routed to the Advisory Committee and they will submit a voted recommendation to the ExecutiveCommittee.

4. The Director and Associate Director will make a final decision according to the materials athand and the recommended decision submitted by the Advisory Committee. The materials will be thenpublished or a rejection for publishing the content will be sent to the author on behalf of theExecutive Committee with an explanation of why it was rejected.

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