California-Baja California Coastal Resilience

The project entitled “Towards Coastal Resilience: Monitoring Water Quality and Erosion through Open and Citizen Science”, received an investment of $100,000 USD, to generate and disseminate accessible information on coastal water quality and coastal erosion in the regions of San Diego, Tijuana and Rosario through open science and citizen participation.

The first phase of the project consists of the diagnosis of coastal vulnerability, a collection and analysis of relevant historical climatic, demographic, and statistical data.

The second phase includes the design of the project’s information infrastructure and the development of a data management plan. The main result is the establishment of a user-friendly digital platform that serves as a central hub for coastal erosion and water quality data.

The third phase is a coastal water quality monitoring and sampling plan, in which permanent tripods will be installed to capture photographs of the contour of the coast regularly through citizen science and will carry out sampling activities at additional sites within the Mexican coastal zone.

And the final phase of the project includes the creation and implementation of a communication strategy, the development of learning materials on sustainable coastal management and the expansion of institutional alliances for the dissemination of the platform.




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