Hydrodiplomacy and adaptive governance at the U.S. – Mexico border: 75 years of tradition and innovation in transboundary water management

Margaret Wilder, Robert Varady, Andrea Gerlak, Stephan Mumme, Karl Flessa, Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Chrsitopher Scott, Nicolas Pineda Pablos, Sharon Megdal

The United States and Mexico have engaged in hydrodiplomacy—a practice of transboundary water management that blends water diplomacy and science diplomacy–for more than 75 years, since the adoption of the Treaty of 1944 and the creation of the International Boundary and Water Commission. We examine six major turning points in U.S.-Mexico hydrodiplomacy to ascertain the key factors in the region’s history of resolving
transboundary water issues…




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