Coffee Breaks

Our Coffee Breaks Programs are held about once a month and are meant to offer a space to discuss current issues related to water at the border. It is an open forum with experts with the objective to inform and communicate the different perspectives and to offer alternatives to improve current conditions.

Science Talks

Our Science Talks Programs are held about once every other month and have the purpose to highlight new current water research at the border leaded by young professionals.

Facts and Mythbusters

Our Facts and Mythbusters Programs are held once every couple months and are way to raise awareness on various myths surrounding the binational water community and to get the facts right.

Open Mic

Our Open Mic program brings experts from different topics of the water field to discuss their views and perspectives on the subject and binational implications. It is intended to be a plain conversation between the guest and the host. If you wish to participate, you can sign up here


Binational Waters Task Force

Our Binational Groundwater Task force is an initiative originated at the US- Mexico Transboundary Aquifers Conference held in October 2020. It has the mission to identify priorities and to develop a plan to assess current challenges related to transboundary aquifers in the US-Mexico border region. It is integrated by a group of dedicated experts from both sides of the border.

Women in Science

Our Women in Science Initiative is meant to highlight and raise awareness about the work and projects being accomplished by women in the science field particularly at the border region. 

Transboundary Groundwater Binational Publication

Our Binational Publication that is under progress, is one of the achievements of the US-Mexico Transboundary Groundwater Conference held in October 2020. It is co-authored by a binational team of thirteen experts and academics and it is expected to be published by the end of 2021 in Water International, 50th Anniversary Special Edition.