Women in Science


In the Permanent Forum of Binational Waters, we recognize the great contributions of women in the progress of science, in the protection of the environment and, in general, in the progress of human civilization. Also, we are aware of the difficulties of gender equality related to personal, professional, and academic growth that women still face worldwide, due to cultural, historical and / or political reasons. As part of our agenda, and in accordance with our values, we declare that gender equality on our platform is one of the pillars and objectives that we pursue and promote in all our activities. We have created a particular space that explicitly addresses the integration, inclusion and visualization of women in science, recognizing it as a special category of our platform that is at the same time part of the general network. Be part of our network of women in science!

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Our Women in Science Initiative is meant to highlight and raise awareness about the work and projects being accomplished by women in the science field particularly at the border region.